Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fog Fun Friends Five And A Future

Each year about this time in Second Life I like to visit old landmarks. My first landmark, last in the list, is the place where I first experienced this world unencumbered. It's the infohub known as Braunworth. In this world, it's best known for its fog. It's a special visit I made this year, a milestone of sorts. It's almost my fifth rez day. These shots were taken using AM Radio's Nostalgia windlight setting. Out of that fog five years ago there was born a ton of fun. That's what keeps me here, when the fun ends, so will I. Out of the fun grows this blog and a multitude of friends, you know who you are. Thanks for being a friend and by all means let's party on beyond and despite the fog. To those who have come, gone, shared, accepted, taught, learned, laughed and cried, you will always be part of what is the evolution of a virtual me. From fog and fun grows friends and a virtual future.